Angeline Quinto Launches Debut Album on ASAP Rocks

By Justin

After KC Concepcion portrayed her in her one-of-a-kind story last night on MMK, Star Power's Champion Angeline Quinto makes another huge leap for her career after revealing her debut album in variety show ASAP Rocks this morning.

Her debut album is self-titled and contains original songs that includes her carrier single "Patuloy ang Pangarap" (The Dream Continues).

Also, she performed another song in ASAP Rocks though I haven't still figured out the title of it. But it was very good. Her debut album is made up of all Filipino songs and I think that she is the one who will revive the classic Filipino music.

Her sons just proves her worth and she is definitely the brightest star of all. And I must say, I am totally going crazy over her carrier single that I have even memorized the lyrics. It talks about reaching our dreams which she has did. Congratulations Angeline!! More power, God Bless!

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